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Click any image below to see the full painting plus the bonus painting packet.

Brass Pot

Silver Coffee Pot Packet


Pink Hollyhocks

Red Violet Wildflowers Packet


Daisies and Plums

Daisy Daze Packet


White Orchids

Orchid 5 Packet


Single Mum

Chrysanthemums Packet


Tulip Circles

Tulip Garden Packet



Amaryllis Packet


Inking Fun

Musical Fun Packet


Poppy Fun

Magnolia Fun Packet


Annual Membership

Plus Member's Only Bonuses


Sailboat in Summer

Swan in Lake Packet


Quiet Place

Sunny Archways Packet


White Wild Roses

White Beauties Packet


Pink Orchid

White Orchids Packet


Single Peony

Pink Peonies Packet


Lilac Bouquet

Lilac Floral Bouquet Packet


Pink Wildflower

Wildflower Duo Packet


Open Rose

Plus Rose Trio Packet


Silver Pot

Plus Blue Vase Packet


Iris in Acrylics

Plus Gossamer Iris Packet



Plus Snowy Bridge Packet


Christmas Nativity

Plus Christmas Lantern Packet


Mini Landscapes

Plus Sledding Packet


Pink Angel Trumpets

Plus Orange Trumpet Packet



Plus Pink Azaleas Packet


Wild Roses and Berries

Plus Stroke Flowers Packet


White Rose in Vase

Plus Cherries & Glass Packet


Acrylic Rose

Plus Christmas Rose Packet


Burgundy Rose on Lace

Plus Vase of Peonies Packet


Acrylic Daisies

Plus Daisy Fun Packet


White Lily

Plus Lily Trio Packet


Apples in the Kitchen

Plus Apples in Crystal Bowl


Pink Rose

Plus Classic Pink Rose Packet


Moon Over the Ocean

Plus The Wave Packet


Daisies Galore

Plus Pink Dahlia Packet


Morning Glories & Ribbon

Morning Glories Fence (packet)


Purple Iris

Plus Purple Iris 2 Packet


Peony in Glass

Crystal & Blossoms Packet


Single Sunflower

Plus Sunflower Duo Packet


Pink Tulip

Plus Tulip Duo Packet


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Free Painting Tutorials

Click the images below to see the free tutorials.

how to create a color wheel using watercolors featured image learn how to paint leaves
Pink Tulip Painting Lessons Learn to paint a Santa Claus Christmas card in this video tutorial. 
Learn how to paint water drops using watercolors or acrylic paints. Learn how to use masking fluid. Free tutorial image.
Learn how to blend your paints. Watercolor and Acrylics Blending Techniques

Painting Supplies

Painting Supplies needed for watercolor or acrylic painting

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